EC Motors

Extremely high efficiency, average value can be over IE5 norms. 下載 返回


? Extremely high efficiency, average value can be over IE5 norms. 
? Very high efficiency in wide speed up to 3600rpm and power range. 
? Compact and light design with high uniformity in appearance design with other TECHTOP products.
? Mounting dimensions according to the IEC norm, easy to switch from old components to TECHTOP EC motors.
? Various and flexible mounting types suitable for different applications. 
? Customized design is possible for special applications.
? Most matched drivers (controllers) based on the same development, one-stop solution for economy.
? Match almost all brands of commercial drivers (controllers).


? Various of air conditionings and ventilation appliances.
? Pumps.
? Air compressors.
? Other industrial machines.

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